Progressive Skills: Reading Level 3


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Author: Terry Phillips and Anna Phillips, with Nicholas Regan
Publisher: Garnet Education
Level: Upper intermediate
IELTS: 5.0 to 5.5

A four-level academic course, designed to prepare students for entry into English-medium study. The combined Student Book and Workbook comes with audio DVD and DVD.

In Reading Level 3 learn how to:

  • recognize sentence function
  • read line graphs
  • distinguish between fact and theory
  • understand non-text markers
  • use cross referencing
  • recognize the writer’s point of view or bias

Topics include:

Remembering and forgetting: Improving your memory
Friends and family: Parents, Adults and Children
Managing to be successful: Decisions, decisions, decisions
Natural cycles: Chains, webs and pyramids
Customs: origins and effects: The price of happiness