Progressive Skills: Listening and Speaking Level 2


Author: Terry Phillips and Anna Phillips, with Nicholas Regan
Publisher: Garnet Education
Level: Intermediate
IELTS: 4.5 to 5.0

A four-level academic course, designed to prepare students for entry into English-medium study. The combined Student Book and Workbook comes with audio DVD and DVD.

Level 2 Listening skills include:

  • understanding signpost language
  • recognizing the organization of a lecture
  • recognizing change of sub-topic
  • predicting content from linking words
  • note-taking: classification

Level 2 Speaking skills include:

  • showing understanding
  • showing lack of understanding
  • talking about research
  • taking part in a tutorial
  • giving a talk with slides

Level 2 Topics include:

Culture and civilization: Coming of age, Festivals
Technology: Who? What? When?, Transport inventions
Arts and media: Arts and media, Advertising
Sports and leisure: Classifying sports, Sports in education
Nutrition and health: A balanced diet, Portions