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Authors: Mickey Rogers, Joanne Taylore-Knowles, Steve Taylore-Knowles, Ingrid Wisniewska, Dorothy Zemach
Publisher: Macmillan Education

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Recognizing that language acquisition is just one of the many skills and disciplines that make up our wider educational needs, the Mind Series is a course that helps adult students develop a broad range of skills and sub-skills needed for 21st century success. These skills or “life skills” include: having a better awareness of self and society, handling the demands of study and learning and dealing with challenges in their work and career. A special section at the end of each unit develops life skills while also recycling the unit’s target language.

Not to worry, the Mind Series teaches language too! In fact, it teaches language very well. Within a communicative approach there is both a deductive and inductive presentation of language, systemic skills development and considerable learner training. Grammar presentations are clear: a simple and memorable approach is reinforced with lots of extra practice through the online and print workbooks.

The OpenMind 2nd edition Student’s Book Pack contains a visually-engaging print Student’s Book. Each unit incorporates the course theme of Life Skills, along with Grammar sections, Support boxes and a writing syllabus. A DVD is included and a webcode providing access to the Student’s Resource Center where video worksheets and audio are available.

Key features:

  • Offers practice at A1 level
  • Includes over 120 interactive resources organized to mirror the structure of the student’s book
  • Covers functional language, grammar, vocabulary, listening and pronunciation
  • Uses real and relevant tasks to practise skills such as critical thinking, organization and collaboration

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Student Book Premium Pack: Student Book, an Online Workbook and Resource Center is available via a webcode.

Student Book Pack: Student Book, webcode access to Resource Centre and DVD with video.  Split Versions Available in this format.

Split Versions A/B:  Six units each.

Workbook Pack: With Key or without Key + Audio CD

Online Workbook: Booklet with webcode access to the Online Workbook.

Teacher Book Premium Pack: includes Teacher’s Book with class Audio CD +DVD + webcode to Teacher’s Resource Center, online workbook and presentation Kit.