North American Indian Tales


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Author: Susanna J. Clark
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Everyone enjoys telling and listening to stories, jokes, and anecdotes. Telling brief stories is an excellent way for language learners to practice what they’re learning, build fluency, and gain confidence and communicative competence.

The stories on these cards are short and full of both humor and wisdom, ideal for telling and retelling. They are written in clear, modified English, progressing from short and easy to longer and more complicated stories.

Each student takes and reads a story, puts it down, and then tells the story to a partner from memory, embellishing it as much as they want to. The stories appeal to all ages in ESL and EFL classes and to native speakers.

North American Indian Tales contains stories of the Abnaki, Algonquian, BellaBella, Brute Sioux, Cherokee, Cochiti, Coast Salish, Comanche, Concow Maidu, Cree, Flathead,Creek, Fox, Haida, Huron-Wyandot, Iroquois, Kalapuya, Kiowa, Labrador Inuit, Lillooet, Mismac, Nula to, Ojibwa, Papago, Pima, Pomo, Populaca, Seminole, Seneca, Shasta, Taos, Tlingit, Winnebago, and Zuni peoples of Mexico, Canada, and the United States

These 48 animal stories were collected from American Indian tribes across North America. Many of the tales explain how the world came to be as it is-How Chipmunk Got Her Stripes; Why Dogs Don’t Talk; Wind; Bluebird and Coyote; How Fire Came to the Sierras; Butterflies. The illustrations, by a popular Native American artist and story teller, draw on symbols and motifs from the many cultures represented to reflect the wisdom and mystery of the great oral tradition of the “animal people” tales.