More Index Card Games and Activities for ESL


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Author: Raymond C. Clark

Publisher: Delta Publishing

This new and expanded edition features new games and activities, and its larger size is easily photocopied. There are 13 games. Each is described as follows:

  • Brief Description: What is it?
  • Purpose: Why do it?
  • Preparation: How to make it?
  • Procedure: How to play it?
  • Variations: How else can you do it?
  • Suggestions: Try doing this.

And then there are several sample games, all ready to to be copied, pasted on cards, and played. The highly interactive games require students to work together to accomplish something, using English as they work together.

One of the new games is the old standby, “lineup,” but with challenges such as arranging a collection of animal cards in a line from fastest to slowest. Fastest: Peregrine falcon or cheetah? Slowest? sloth or tortoise? Is a kangaroo faster than a human? Among the samples of the tried–and–true favorite game, Find Someone Who, is swapping a timeshare in Sedona with someone who has a time share in Bermuda. In other games there are stories to tell, sequences to unscramble, instructions to follow, corrections to make, improvisations to perform, and other high–energy activities. There are plenty of easy games as well as lots that are more challenging.