Mind the App! 2.0


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Author: Thomas Strasser
Publisher: Helbling English

MIND THE APP! 2.0 is an exciting and innovative resource book which introduces teachers and their students to some of the most useful and interesting web applications for language teaching and learning.
This resource covers a wide variety of applications such as Wordle, Animoto, TodaysMeet, Voicethread and Prezi, all of which are presented in clearly explained step-by-step sequences using screenshots. Each application includes a variety of activities to stimulate students’ interest and to help them understand how the applications work and how best they can be used.

The MIND THE APP! 2.0 website is available at this link: https://www.helbling.com/mindtheapp/
The website includes:

  • video tutorials exclusively produced for the apps and the tools presented in the book
  • the list of regularly updated app links from the book