Match It!


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Authors: Sharon Elwell, Raymond C. Clark
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Match It! is a collection of index card games based on the game Matched Pairs in Pro Lingua’s Index Card Games for ESL. Matched Pairs is in turn based on the popular game Concentration. There are seven variations of the basic game, and there are 83 sets of cards in this photocopiable teacher resource book.

There are two basic purposes for this collection: to develop vocabulary and to stimulate conversation. At the basic and intermediate level, there are sets covering numbers, symbols, arithmetic, measurements, months and ordinals, days, time, irregular verbs in the past, past participles, phrasal verbs, opposites, negation, synonyms, antonyms, suffixes and affixes. There are also everyday life topics like family, housework, weather, health, making a living, holidays, and finances.

For more advanced students, there are sets of cards introducing compounds, collocations, idioms, and proverbs.