Macmillan Writing Series: Writing Skills


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Authors: Dorothy E. Zemach, Carlos Islam, and Lisa A. Ghulldu
Publisher: Macmillan Education
CEF: A2-B2

Macmillan Writing Skills brings together three titles of the Macmillan Writing Series into one volume. Writing Sentences and Writing Paragraphs retain the focus on general writing skills, while at the higher level in Writing Essays the focus is specifically on academic writing.

“This practical course takes students of all levels through the writing process: brainstorming, organizing ideas, drafting and revising, and publishing. Students at the lower levels focus on accuracy in forming sentences, organizing paragraphs, and including appropriate language. At the upper levels, students focus on different academic genres, developing their ideas in a variety of ways, and incorporating outside information to support their original ideas.”
– Dorothy E. Zemach

Key Features:

  • Develops writing from the basic sentence through to essays – ideal for any academic student
  • Lower levels focus on accuracy, organising paragraphs and including appropriate language
  • Upper levels cover more advanced writing skills, focusing on academic genres and developing incorporating ideas
  • A strong emphasis on reading and vocabulary