Intermediate Language Practice


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Authors: Michael Vince

Publisher: Macmillan Education

This very popular and reliable series is now available in updated editions. An in-depth, detailed approach to English grammar and vocabulary, this is a combination of two books – with grammar clearly presented in the first half, and vocabulary input offered in the second half. It is a thorough and comprehensive series that ensures students’ confidence with language through the progressive levels.

Available with or without the answer key, these are ideal for classroom work or independent study.

Key Features

  • Regular consolidation units check students’ understanding of the grammar and vocabulary points presented
  • Relevant PET exam-style exercises for the appropriate level
  • Special focus on word building, collocations and phrasal verbs as well as other problem areas of grammar
  • New editions now come with CD-ROM for added computer-based practice – ideal for self-study
  • New editions now in full colour to engage and enthuse students