In Company Second Edition – Upper-Intermediate


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Authors: Simon Clarke, Mark Powell, Pete Sharma
Publisher: Macmillan Education

Upper-Intermediate, B2.

At the Upper Intermediate level topics, texts and skills (e.g. Leading Meetings and Building Relationships and First Among Equals) have been chosen to provoke professional students into lively discussion and contextualise key target language.

Key Features :

  • Case studies every four units provide a meaty challenge to the students and allow them to use the language and lexis they have learnt in a more independent and creative way. At an Upper Intermediate level these include: Cash or Conscience – ethical issues in investement, Head to Head – a leader’s obligations to shareholders and employees, and A Winning Formula – the parallels between sport and business.
  • Grammar and vocabulary presented in each unit is reviewed at the end of each unit in the ‘Language Links’ section.
  • All the listening scripts are available at the back of the book.
  • Student’s Book CD-ROM now has the class audio available as an MP3 download as well as an interactive glossary.
  • The CD-ROM provides extensive self-study practice linked in topic and language to the Student’s Book units.
  • 18 self-contained units focusing on functional language.

The In Company Second Edition Teacher’s Book provides a further 20 hours of teaching material through photocopiable worksheets and teaching notes, and gives a clear layout of what is to come in each unit. It supports the In Company Second Edition Upper Intermediate Student’s Book. Key Features :

  • Provides a further 20 hours of teaching material.
  • Includes photocopiable worksheets.
  • The Teacher’s Book now addresses how to adapt material for 1:1 classes – perfectly suiting the busy schedules of working professionals.

The Audio CDs support and accompany In Company Second Edition Upper Intermediate Student’s Book with the audio texts for the listening activities.