In Company 3.0 Pre-Intermediate


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Authors: Mark Powell, Simon Clarke, Edward de Chazal, John Allison
Publisher: Macmillan Education

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Student’s Book

In Company 3.0 provides updated and expanded content and builds on the success of previous editions, making it the English course of choice for established business professionals. The course delivers strong, skill-based material with immediate and tangible outcomes. Short, accessible units focus on key business trends, people skills and everyday business scenarios, and demonstrate the practical application of functional language in business contexts.

New for this third edition is a neat and compact online learning solution for both students and teachers. The interactive Online Workbook gives students the opportunity to practice language online and on-the-move, and teachers can track students’ progress through automatic gradebooks.

At the Pre-Intermediate level topics, texts and skills (eg. Asking Questions, Hiring and Firing and Correspondence) have been chosen to scaffold and build on the learner’s English to produce functional and practical language for their professional lives.

At the Pre-Intermediate level there is a focus on speaking skills to allow students to engage immediately in English in their working environments and the use of topics to build vocabulary and language strategies.

Key Features

    • Case studies every four units provide a meaty challenge to the students and allow them to use the language and lexis they have learnt in a more independent and creative way. Case Studies include: Virtual Working Solutions – the pros and cons of distance working, and Incentives – discussing and choosing different types of incentive schemes


    • Grammar and vocabulary presented in each unit is reviewed at the end of each unit in the ‘Language Links’ section


    • The CD-ROM provides extensive self-study practice linked in topic and language to the Student’s Book units plus an interactive glossary and the Class Audio as an MP3 download


    • There are 20 self-contained units of which there are 15 Topic Units that focus on current business issues and everyday skills and 5 Survival Skills Units which focus on the functional language of common business situations


    • There is a Case Studies Glossary, the full Listening Scripts and additional material for communicative activities at the back of the book


Up-to-date delivery

This new edition introduces new texts, audio and activities but also reflects recent developments in the way the material is delivered€“ in direct response to the changes in the Business English teaching arena.

The Student’s Book Premium Pack contains the Student’s Book and webcode access to online components allowing students to practice online using the Online Workbook, and download video, audio and other content to practice on the move“ via laptops or tablets.

Teachers can track their student’€™s progress through the automatic gradebook function of the Online Workbook. They also get access to a range of additional material such as videos, audio, both progress and placement tests, and resource materials.

New video material, both authentic and commissioned, provides a dynamic audio-visual dimension and successfully reflects the global face of the business world. In addition, the course takes into account the need for flexibility and open-access€™ to the material.


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Teacher’s Book Pack

The In Company 3.0 Pre-Intermediate Level Teacher’s Book Pack Premium includes the Teacher’s Book with access to the Online Workbook and Teacher’s Resource Centre through a unique webcode. Teachers can see students’ progress via an automatic gradebook and access a wide range of additional resources. The Teacher’s Resource Centre also includes access to a Presentation Kit for interactive whiteboards.

Key Features

    • Comprehensive teaching notes, updated for the new edition


    • Flexibility through 1:1 teaching notes (additional notes added for this edition)


    • Fast-track map to assist those teachers with fewer teaching hours


    • Extensive additional material accessible via the Teacher’s Resource Centre, including a new Presentation Kit for interactive whiteboards


    • Access to students’ marks online via an automatic gradebook in the Online Workbook


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