IELTS Target 5.0


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Authors: Chris Gough
Publisher: Garnet Education
CEF: A2 to B1
IELTS Level 3.5 to 5.0


Student’s Book & Workbook Combo

A preparation course for the General Training IELTS examination with bridging to Academic IELTS.

IELTS Target 5.0 addresses the needs of students who are entering IELTS study between Band 3 (extremely limited user) and Band 4 (limited user). The General Training Module of IELTS has been chosen, along with five bridging units to Academic IELTS, as the most suitable for students at this level.

Such students might need to raise their IELTS score to:

    • satisfy criteria set by the institution in which they study
    • work towards a score of 5.0 – required for many non-academic training courses
    • lay the foundation for further study of the Academic Module with a view to university entrance.


IELTS Target 5.0 acknowledges the very special requirements of such students and focuses on guidance, scaffolding and analysis of typical errors. Model answers are used frequently to provide guidance, and tasks have been devised to focus attention on the content of good and poor model answers.

Grammar is dealt with when it is integral to the exam skill, for example, the use of the passive as part of a writing task. Vocabulary has been carefully selected to focus on items that are core to IELTS and essential for use at the level.

IELTS Target 5.0 consists of four sections, each containing five core units plus a review unit. Each core unit includes consolidation and mini practice activities. Further complete mock exams are included as supplementary material. Each section comprises 60 hours of teaching, a total of 240 hours.


    • Comprehensive 240-hour course
    • Four sections provide flexibility of use
    • Simplified and authentic exam work
    • Includes Interactive Course Book CD-ROM
    • Builds the foundation for further study of the Academic Module with a view to university entrance
    • End-of-section review material and mock tests


The IELTS General Training section consists of three five-unit sections that take the student from a strong elementary to intermediate level. The earlier units focus on basic skills and basic language, including sentence structure and spelling. The IELTS Academic section consists of five units that prepare students for the academic content of reading passages and the more challenging writing tasks. By the end of the course, students will be working with text and language that is close to that found in the exam. Exam tips are provided throughout the course to familiarize students with the various exam tasks and to provide advice on how to obtain the highest score possible.

Each General Training unit consists of five modules:

  1. Speaking and Vocabulary: This prepares students for the type of interaction they can expect with the examiner. The vocabulary selected is that most frequently encountered during the Speaking test.
  2. Listening: This module is in two sections. The first section engages students in a topic and pre-teaches key vocabulary, before focusing on a key skill or particular IELTS exam technique. The second section practises the skill.
  3. Reading: As with the Listening Module.
  4. Writing: This deals with both parts of the Writing test, each unit focusing on a different writing skill or technique. There is a focus on guided writing, with model compositions and reports for all tasks.
  5. Consolidation and Exam Practice: The first part revises the speaking focus and vocabulary in the first module. The second part practices listening, reading or writing skills under exam-type conditions.


Each Academic unit consists of Reading and Writing Modules only.

Teacher’s Book

Key Features: 

    • Comprehensive teaching notes on all exercises to help teachers prepare effective lessons
    • Complete answer keys to all exercises
    • Full tapescripts of listening exercises