Hunter in the Darkness

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Author: Ramy Habeeb
Publisher: Atama-ii Books

YOU are a vampire hunter. You track the evil vampire, Aku, to a small town in Canada, but what’s next? Are you the hunter? Or… the hunted?

The Atama-ii ReaderĀ collection is a series of beginner-level graded readers. The series follows an interactive gamebook format, in which the reader takes on the role of the main character and makes plot choices at set points in the story. These choices lead to one of eight different endings. Reading anĀ Atama-ii title is like reading up to eight slightly different short stories that all share the same characters and basic situation. This is helpful for beginning and reluctant readers, as well as for second language learners, because they can become more and more confident in their understanding of the story as they re-read. Suitable for individual reading of for use in the English language classroom. Some of the titles even have recordings available on YouTube, so readers can read and listen to their own adventure at the same time!