Happy Campers Level 1


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Author: Angela Llanas and Libby Williams

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing

Happy Campers puts practice and support at the center of the course. Frontloading the unit language in the first four lessons provides students with more opportunities to practise all of the new language. Musicalized presentations build memory and hone listening and pronunciation skills as students echo, sing, and cheer their way through the units. The course is centered around clear, achievable goals that ensure students’ encounter with English is a memorable one.

Happy Campers offers a unique range of components including a Flip Book with a Student Book and The Language Lodge (Workbook) on the reverse side. Songs, episodic comic strips and reading texts are shared over consecutive lessons, allowing students several opportunities to work with them. The Language Lodge provides traditional practice activities and self-assessment activities. The Skills Book focuses on further practice of language and productive and receptive skills including phonics work in earlier levels and thinking and spelling skills in the higher levels.

Key Features:

  • Practical flipbook with two components in one, Student Book and The Language Lodge (workbook)
  • Shared language over consecutive lessons using comic strips and readings
  • Musical presentations through echoes, songs, chants, and cheers
  • The Language Lodge provides traditional and self-assessment activities