Grammar Matrix


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Authors: Lucy Becker, Carol Frain, Karen Thomas
Publisher: Helbling English
CEFR: A1-B2+

Grammar Matrix is a new and complete English language reference grammar book, designed to meet all the pedagogical requirements for CEFR levels from A1 to B2+. Grammar Matrix offers clear grammar explanations and over 3,000 exercises (in print and digital). It is ideal for self-study, revision of specific grammar items, exam preparation, and in-depth classroom work.

Grammar Matrix embraces and fully exploits the potential of images, diagrams, and mind maps to reveal the matrix that underpins the English language – a fluid language based on simple concepts and patterns.


  • 21 units of 4 lessons each
  • Exam Practice and Self-Check pages every three units, for self-assessment
  • A Basics section from Unit 1 to 6, to brush up the fundamentals
  • Revision and exam-type tests in every unit
  • Cyber Homework, MP3 audio, and teaching notes available on eZone