Go Beyond – Intro Level


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Authors: Robert Campbell, Rob Metcalf, and Rebecca Robb Benne
Publisher: Macmillan Education
CEF: A1+

Go Beyond is a new and exciting 6-level American English course for teenagers learning English. The course covers CEFR levels A1+ through to B2, with all levels being based on mapping of the requirements of the CEFR and international exams. Go Beyond comprehensively addresses all key language skills through a thorough and detailed subskills syllabus. Go Beyond also has a strong life skills feature specially designed to support students with the life skills they require, both during their education and in their life beyond.

The Go Beyond Intro Level Student’s Book Pack consists of the print Student’s Book and webcode access to the Student’s Resource Centre. This provides a reference bank for media, including workbook audio, extra vocabulary and listening materials. The Premium Student’s Book Pack also contains access to the Online Workbook and is perfect for self-study or class use.

The Go Beyond Intro Level Workbook offers students the chance to consolidate their learning throughout the course. Every Workbook unit includes extra grammar and vocabulary consolidation pages, which are cumulative throughout the book, providing thorough language recycling. The Workbooks are ideal as a homework tool or for use in class.

The Go Beyond Intro Level Teacher’s Edition Premium Pack provides teaching tips and detailed background information on how to use the course. There is handy guidance on timings for every section of the Student’s Book and Workbook as well as access to the Teacher’s Resource Center. This contains the Presentation Kit, Digital Student’s Book, Online Workbook and much more.