Getting Ready for Speech


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Author: Charles LeBeau, David Harrington
Publisher: Language Solutions

Getting Ready for Speech, a basic level speech and presentation text, won recognition in the Education/Academic/Teaching category of the 20th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Getting Ready For Speech features a wide variety of sample speeches; it includes storytelling, show and tell, and movie and book reviews; it is perfect practice for high school speech contests; it carefully controls grammar and vocabulary and recycles them again and again.

Getting Ready For Speech is much more than the lowest level speech book on the market! Using a new approach, each unit develops both the language skills and the speech skills. Each unit introduces grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, and reading skills, along with speech delivery and organizational skills. It has the language skills of a core text with all the speech skills of a public speaking text!

Every unit features a different type of speech. Speech types include self-introductions speeches, speeches to introduce someone, demonstration speeches, layout speeches, storytelling, book and movie reviews, show and tell, and speeches for presenting and accepting awards.

Units have a proven step-by-step learner friendly format. Each unit concludes with a page summarizing the unit’s grammar focus. This can be used as a final quiz, an in-class activity, or as homework. Moreover, throughout the unit, an unobtrusive glossary defines vocabulary at the bottom of the pages.