Getting Fix on Vocabulary


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Author: Raymond C. Clark, Janie L. Duncan
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Originally published in 1990, and a long-time best seller for Pro Lingua, Getting a Fix has been transformed with new elements and a new look. New lessons deal with saving a wilderness, international baseball, pandemics, and climate change. As in the first edition, each lesson concludes with a fictitious newspaper article. Now each lesson includes a radio news broadcast (on CD) covering the same story as the newspaper.

The linguistic heart of the first edition, “The System of Affixation and Compounding in English” has been expanded to include work on bases. The 22 lessons present inflections, compounds, the most common derivational prefixes and suffixes, and common bases. As the first part of the introduction explains:

The morphological content of the book is enhanced with engaging “news” stories and dramatic radio broadcasts featuring Cindy Speakwell with The News at Noon, The Evening News with Walter Conrad, The Morning Show with Maria Ventura, and WPLA’s fearless roving reporter Jerald Michaels reporting from hot spots all around the globe. Among the stories and reports are a courtroom drama, a political debate, a dramatic rescue, an airplane crash, an earthquake in Kosharam, a strike, a kidnapping, a terrorist threat, student demonstrations, and even an editorial on Poverty, Terror, and Climate Change.