Fast Track to Reading


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Peter Viney
Publisher: Garnet Education

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Fast Track to Reading is an accelerated reading program designed for adult learners of English who are not readily able to read the Roman alphabet. It can be those who can read and write in a linear phonetic language such as Arabic or Farsi, and those who are conversant with pictographic languages such as Mandarin or Cantonese. However, it can also be used with students who have yet to gain a concept of reading.

Fast Track to Reading can be used before starting a course where reading is an integral element, or as a reading element in parallel with a simple starter-level course. In mixed ability classes where only some students are unfamiliar with the English alphabet, the program can be used for self-study outside class.

Key Features:

  • Designed to facilitate decoding of Roman script
  • For students who are learning to read in English and for students who cannot cope with reading at speed
  • Accelerates learning in a programmed manner
  • Can be used in parallel with a simple starter level English course
  • Contains global reading to enhance relevance and motivation
  • Audio CD for further self-study or homework
  • Comprehensive teaching notes



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  1. Short vowels and consonants
  2. The names of the letters,
  3. Two letter representing one sound,
  4. Long vowels,
  5. Consonant clusters,
  6. Vowel + consonant + vowel,
  7. Long vowels and their relation to consonants,
  8. Alternative vowel sounds for the same spelling,
  9. Silent letters

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