Extensive Reading for Academic Success, Advanced D


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Authors: Kandice McDonald
Publisher: Compass Publishing

Extensive Reading for Academic Success is a four-book series that presents academic-style reading passages designed for advanced English language learners. Each book in this series contains 80 passages covering a remarkably wide range of topics, divided into broad categories. These categories include diverse aspects of literature and the humanities, world history, science, sociology, linguistics, art, music, information technology, and communications.

Each reading passage is approximately 700 words in length and is followed by five comprehension questions. These are similar type of questions found on most standardized tests designed to measure students’ English language proficiency. The question types following each passage in this series include general comprehension, inference, paraphrase/sentence simplification, main idea, chart/summary, and detail questions.

Key features:

  • Academic-style reading passages
  • Comprehension questions typical of most standardized tests
  • Key vocabulary study list available online
  • Supplemental audio recordings available online