Everyday Survival English


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Author: Karl Nordvall
Publisher: Compass Publishing

Everyday Survival English (ESE) provides a fresh and interesting approach to studying the basic vocabulary and expressions necessary for interacting with others in English. Written as a story and presented in a comic format, the six main characters in the book guide learners step-by-step through important aspects of commonly encountered situations. Through the variety of situations presented in this book, readers will encounter a wide range of high frequency phrases and sentences that are directly applicable to many situations they might encounter while living or traveling in an English speaking country. ESE is a dynamic classroom resource and an essential aid in home study.

Features include:

  • 72 different situations, from daily activities to special events
  • Naturally spoken vocabulary and structures
  • Fun, full-color illustrations to aid comprehension
  • Audio CD included, to further promote listening and pronunciation

Guaranteed to foster English enjoyment!

    • “Why pictures?”

Because there’s no clearer path to vocabulary learning and retention. And full color makes it even better.

    • “Why processes?”

Because the language of processes is the language of life. What better way to encounter the most useful English words, especially verbs?

    • “Just another picture dictionary?”

No way. Traditional picture dictionaries are full of static, noun-heavy displays. ESE is active and verb-rich, at the frontier of picture-dictionary development.