Essential English Grammar


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Authors: Jennifer Wilkin, David Charlton

Publisher: Compass Publishing

Designed for intermediate and advanced students, Essential English Grammar combines reference-style grammar explanations with focused practice activities. A full range of grammar topics presented in 90 units covering the basic parts of a sentence as well as the complete sentence makes Essential English Grammar the perfect tool for either self-study or classroom use.

Key Features:

Student Book

  • Easy-to-follow explanations and examples
  • Activities designed to build and reinforce new knowledge
  • Diagrams, illustrations, and example sentences to fully communicate the form and usage of each grammar point
  • Complete answer key to allow self-correction and chart individual progress


  • Additional practice and support to aid in mastering each grammar topic
  • Brief explanations of the grammar points for students working primarily with the workbook
  • Review tests designed to emulate the format of an actual TOEIC
  • Complete answer key at the end of the book