Errol Comes To The Rescue


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  • SeriesHelbling Young ReadersHelbling Young Readers Fiction
  • Series Level: Level C
  • School Type: Primary School
  • Language Level: Cambridge Pre-A1 Starters
  • Components: Reader, e-zone kids resources
  • Details: 32 pages, Softcover, 190 x 235 x 2.66 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7114-0221-9

Errol’s got a horse and armour and a sword. He’s a knight. One day Errol gets an important letter. A very important letter. He must go to the castle immediately and he must bring his sword. Errol is afraid. Beautiful Princess Bella is in the castle.
Is she in danger? And can Errol arrive in time to save her?

Recording in British English.