English Interplay: Surviving


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Author: Raymond C. Clark
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

This is a book for real beginners from young adults up. Students communicate in English from day one. Students work in pairs, triads, and small groups.

Activities focus on:

  • speaking/listening
  • pronunciation
  • basic grammar
  • learning lots of essential words

Activities include:

  • writing work
  • short, everyday ritual dialogues
  • language learning games
  • question and answer exchanges
  • reading
  • operations

There is a constant focus on the basics:

  • learning numbers
  • the alphabet
  • spelling skills

In each lesson, there are:

  • clear grammar and pronunciation charts
  • a list of about 70 new words in that lesson

The format is focused and uncluttered. Every word and illustration is a springboard for some learning activity.

The Teacher’s Edition gives suggestions for using each exercise on each page of the book. And there are copyable handouts for games and homework, as well as basic teacher support and reference material on pronunciation, spelling, and grammar. Even experienced teachers will want to use the Teacher’s Edition because the material in the student text is often just cues for activities explained in the Teacher’s Edition.