English for Academic Study: Vocabulary


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Author: Colin Campbell
Publisher: Garnet Education
Upper Intermediate
Suitable for classroom use or self-study.

The best-selling English for Academic Study (EAS) series provides students with a clear and efficient path to academic competency and success. Students are no longer simply working through college-level materials; they are consciously developing skills and strategies that can transfer out of the EAP classroom into their future studies, becoming capable and autonomous learners.

English for Academic Study: Vocabulary: provides systemic practice of words from the first 5 sublists of the AWL and encourages learner independence by developing understanding of word families, collocations and more.

Key Features: 

  • Academic vocabulary from approximately 500 high-frequency word families taken from both the General Service List and the Academic Word List
  • Two-part structure, with vocabulary topic analysis followed by focused practice
  • Systematic practice in the use of dictionaries encourages learner independence
  • Study tip and language note boxes give essential self-study tips for revising
  • For self-study or class use
  • Diagnostic test for self-assessment and improvement


i. Introduction
1. Multi-meaning words
2. Word classes – nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
3. Word families and word parts
4. Collocations
5. Word grammar
6. AWL – Sublist 1
7. AWL – Sublist 2
8. AWL – Sublist 3
9. AWL – Sublist 4
10. AWL – Sublist 5
g. Glossary
a. Appendices:
Appendix 1: Academic Word List
Appendix 2: Achievement test
Appendix 3: Answer key


“The EAS Vocabulary Study Book is an excellent self-study book. It introduces the most commonly used words from both general and academic word family lists, which I find very useful. It also provides extensive practice. The units are based on topics such as multi-meaning words, word classes, collocations, and word grammar. Each unit has weblinks offering additional information and activities, and the appendix also provides an extensive list of word families.”

Margaret Oertig for ETAS Journal, Vol. 30, No 3, Summer 2013

“Vocabulary would work well in class, and is a valuable contribution to the pre-sessional classroom.”

Clare Anderson for the ESP SIG Journal, Issue 41, April 2013