English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills


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Authors: Joan McCormack, John Slaght
Publisher: Garnet Education
Upper intermediate to proficiency, TOEFL 525 to 600
IELTS: 5.5 to 7.0
Suitable for classroom use

The best-selling English for Academic Study (EAS) series provides students with a clear and efficient path to academic competency and success. Students are no longer simply working through college-level materials; they are consciously developing skills and strategies that can transfer out of the EAP classroom into their future studies, becoming capable and autonomous learners.

English for Academic Study: Extended Writing and Research Skills: guides students through the process of researching and producing an extended piece of writing based on authentic readings.

This text includes the following subject areas:

  1. Introduction to the skills of extended writing and research to support your ideas
  2. Using evidence to support your ideas
  3. Structuring your project and finding information
  4. Developing your project
  5. Developing a focus
  6. Introductions, conclusions and definitions
  7. Incorporating data and illustrations
  8. Preparing for presentations and editing your work

Each unit has weblinks offering additional information and activities. A dedicated website, www.englishforacademicstudy.com, offers further instructor resources.

The Teacher’s Book includes keys to the tasks, as well as suggestions for using the tasks, depending on the needs and levels of the students involved. There are also suggestions in the Teacher’s Book on giving feedback and recording student progress, as well as ways of approaching remedial language work.


Unit 1: Introduction to the Skills of Extended Writing and Research
Unit 2: Using Evidence to Support Your Ideas
Unit 3: Structuring Your Project and Finding Information
Unit 4: Developing Your Project
Unit 5: Developing a Focus
Unit 6: Introductions, Conclusions, and Definitions
Unit 7: Incorporating Data and Illustrations
Unit 8: Preparing for Conference Presentations and Editing Your Work
Appendix 1: Sample Paper
Appendix 2: Self-Evaluation Checklist
Appendix 3: Taking Notes
Appendix 4: Source Texts
Appendix 5: Compiling a Bibliography


“If I had to choose one coursebook for a 3-credit point course, it would be the Extended Writing & Research Skills course, which I found the most helpful of all. Most of our students need these skills, no matter how good their English is, and any support given to them in this area would also be appreciated by the harassed supervisors of their papers and theses.”

Margaret Oertig for ETAS Journal, Summer 2013