Discussion Strategies


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Author: Manfred Delano Cannegieter

Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

The activities in Discussion Strategies are designed to help high-intermediate to advanced level ESOL students develop the skills needed at high levels of communicative interaction.

Key Features:

  • Students enjoy developing skills needed at high academic and business levels
  • Work in real discussion formats: pairs, triads, small groups, large groups, whole class
  • Discussion topics are high-interest; no in-depth background knowledge is needed.
  • Each unit builds on and recycles previous strategies.
  • Clear step-by-step, focused practice of 13 discussion skills: using rejoinders, asking follow-up questions, seeking/giving clarification, using comprehension checks, soliciting and using details, interrupting, expressing opinions, volunteering answers, referring to information and opinion sources, helping discussion leaders, and leading a discussion.