Communicate 1


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Author: David Paul
Publisher: Compass Publishing

Communicate and Motivate form a four-level general English classroom course for teenage and adult elementary-level non-native speakers.

This course is appropriate for students learning English for the first time and for those who have studied for years and need a fresh and communicative approach. Grammar is introduced systematically and integrated with the situations and topics students need to communicate in English. Students learn structures through student-centered activities and apply them in practical situations. Fun activities, humor, and appealing characters help to draw the students into the course. All language targets are constantly brought alive through personalization and interactive activities. Vocabulary and patterns are recycled throughout the course allowing sustained practice in a supportive environment.

Motivate your students to Communicate.

Key Features:

  • Full-colour illustrations
  • Fully-guided, fun speaking activities that encourage confidence in using English
  • CD audio recordings of dialogs using native-English speaker pronunciation
  • An extensive range of supplementary materials that can be freely downloaded from
  • Workbooks and Teacher’s Guides available separately

Unit Structure:

  • Warm Up : There are three Warm-Up activities in each unit prior to each dialog. These are typically pair-work exchanges. These elicit target language related to the dialogs.
  • In Context : The dialogs show the target language in an ongoing storyline context. The students listen to, read, and/or role play the dialogs.
  • Word Building : The students have clear reference to individual sentences and phrases to help consolidate the target language.
  • Controlled Practice : The students look at the first picture and read what is written below it. Then, either individually or as a class, they make similar sentences, or questions and answers, about the other pictures.
  • Follow Up : A third dialog features different parodied characters in a humorous context. They use target language to express a joke or a pun. Students can also listen to this dialog on the audio CD.
  • Communication Activities : This section encourages the students to use the new words and structures in a relaxed and fun environment.
  • Review : Questions and activities help to consolidate the new words and structures learned throughout the current unit and previous units.