Business Update – Level 1


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Authors: Hans Mol, Joanne Collie, Gillian Porter Ladousse
Publisher: Garnet Publishing
Level: Pre-intermediate
CEF: A2 to B1
IELTS: 3.0 to 4.0

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Business Update Level 1 Student’s Book

Business Update is an introduction to the English-speaking business world. It uses a procedural approach to put students at ease with English-language communication in authentic company settings. Specialist vocabulary enables students to deal with everyday office practice, such as telephoning, facts and figures, orders and customer inquiries.

Key Features:

  • pair and group exercises,
  • professional training hints on what to do in business situations
  • unit-by-unit word lists
  • topic word lists
  • audioscripts to support activities in the Course Book and Workbook.


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Business Update Level 1 Workbook

Business Update provides students with the English skills they need for business, using a carefully planned combination of task-based and multifunctional practice. It teaches specialist vocabulary and provides authentic business scenarios in which skills can be practiced. The approach to learning prepares students to deal with everyday office life, such as telephoning, working with facts and figures, taking orders and dealing with customer inquiries.

The Workbook comprises of 15 companion units that have follow-up activities which practice skills such as reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. There is a quiz in each unit to help students monitor their progress.


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    1. First contact
    2. Starting work
    3. Consumer power
    4. At work
    5. Telephone talk
    6. Learning the job
    7. What’s in a brand?
    8. Can I help you?
    9. It’s an order!
    10. Global reach
    11. The big sell
    12. It’s in the making!
    13. Bank it!
    14. Food for thought
    15. It’s an e-world

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