Bebop Level 3


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Author: Lorena Peimbert, Myriam Monterrubio
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing

Developing language, academic, and physical development skills, Bebop takes a playful, multi-sensory approach to whole-child learning and motivation. Full of energy and music, the Bebop Band characters in the Storysong and the Action Song lessons help to bring the new language to life.

By exposing children to language in meaningful contexts through sight, sound, and motion, Bebop ensures young children are engaged, learning and – most importantly – having fun!

 Key features:

  • Music, action signs and language help children to learn English while engaging with different learning styles
  • A strong literary strand includes storytelling through animated Storysongs
  • Music, at the heart of the course, helps to create the optimum state for language learning and retention