Aviation English


Authors: Henry Emery, Andy Roberts, Ruth Goodman

Publisher: Macmillan Education



Aviation English is a language course for aviation professionals, particularly pilots and air-traffic controllers. It has been specifically designed to help students achieve and maintain ICAO Level 4.

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If you are an independent student, this pack is all you need. The accompanying CD-ROMs provide interactive practice in authentic aviation situations and intensive pronunciation work. They also contain downloadable Class audio and an Answer key.

The Student’s Book covers 12 “non-routine” scenarios, providing students with all the input they would need to deal confidently and swiftly with such situations. The course uses radio-telephony dialogues to provide a professional and realistic context for the students.

The Student’s Book Pack comes with 2 CD-ROMs:

  • The Student’s Book CD-ROM with interactive simulations, and detailed extra pronunciation and listening exercises. The answer key and audio files are available to download from the Student’s Book CD-ROM
  • The Macmillan English Dictionary Pronunciation CD-ROM.

Each of the 12 units in the Student’s Book is divided into four two-page sections.

  • Section 1: based on a reading text and provides an introduction to the main theme of the unit.
  • Section 2: based on a listening text or texts and provides sustained listening and pronunciation practice work.
  • Section 3: based on emergency or non-routine flight operation scenario. It always contains a listening text or texts involving a radio telephony exchange with a mixture of phraseology and plain English.
  • Section 4: an extension section which includes further practice and consolidation of language taught within the unit.

Key Features:

  • Based on ICAO document 9835: Manual on the implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements.
  • CD-ROM provides interactive simulations, detailed pronunciation and extra listening plus the downloadable Class Audio and the Student’s Book Answer Key.
  • Helps develop the very specific skills described in the ICAO Level 4 Language Profile.
  • This Macmillan English Dictionary Pronunciation CD-ROM enables students to hear British and American recordings of every word in the award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary, to make sure they are being pronounced correctly.


[tab title=”Teacher’s Book / Class Audio”]

The Aviation English Teacher’s Book provides information for both aviation experts with little teaching experience through the dedicated teaching notes and teachers with little experience of aviation through the double-page spread unit debrief.

Key Features:

  • Contains teaching notes, listening scripts and detailed answers for all the activities in the Student’s Book.
  • Includes background information and advice at the beginning of each unit.

The Class Audio for Aviation English Student’s Book features a variety of native and non-native accents that acurately reflect the global nature of the aviation world.


[tab title=”Workbook”]

The Workbook-style practice book is ideal for revision or practice in the run up to gaining the ICAO language requirements. The book contains 30 two-page units each with activities to practise speaking and listening skills and to develop key vocabulary.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for use alongside Aviation English and for ICAO level 4 preparation.
  • Tasks are similar to those commonly found in aviation English exams.
  • Listening exercises use plain English recordings as well as RT (Radiotelephony) exchanges and feature both routine and non-routine situations.
  • All RT content verified by the Oxford Aviation Academy.
  • The accompanying Audio CD features recordings for the listening activities and recorded model answers for speaking activities.
  • Tests every five units review topics and language from the preceding units as well as general practice tests at the end of the book.