American Jetstream: Upper-Intermediate


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Authors: Jeremy Harmer & Jane Revell
Publisher: Helbling English


Our brand new digital age 6-level course for adult learners. Its carefully balanced pace and challenge offer a learning experience that is fun and motivating, preparing students to use their English effectively in work and life.

We have picked out six reasons to love Jetstream:

1. For one, interesting and engaging topics. Most integrated skills books cover the same topics (sports, family life, travel); these topics are almost unavoidable, but Jetstream manages to rise above the mundane with interesting and unusual perspectives on contemporary topics (“living off the grid” instead of just “housing”, for example).

2. Secondly, the “Language in Action” feature that appears in every unit. This mini-lesson features a fun and engaging video of people interacting and exposes students to extremely useful everyday language. Accompanying exercises and activities allow students plenty of practice using the functions themselves.

3. Another distinguishing feature of Jetstream is the focus on thinking and memory work. Creative and critical thinking skills are developed through regular “think and guess” activities. Acknowledging how crucial memory work is in language acquisition, there is also a focus on memory training throughout the series.

4. Jetstream also lives beyond its covers! Instead of being a static classroom resource, it encourages work beyond the book itself with “Explore Online” activities that ask students to find out more about some aspect of the topic being discussed in the unit –they do research online, take notes and report back. For schools and teachers that would like to integrate mobile devices into the classroom, this is the ideal opportunity to do so!

5. “Cross Culture” is a regular feature that offers an opportunity to reflect on and discuss cultural differences and similarities worldwide. There is usually a short reading with a task, often leading to a discussion and comparison with the students’ own culture.

6. And finally, the online component – eZone – provides students with a cloud book, online training (with extra practice and pronunciation work), cyber homework and audio files. The eZone provides teachers with an interactive version of the book for whiteboards, downloadable teaching resources, a placement test, a testbuilder and audio files.

Contact us today to try out this great new series – we wouldn’t be surprised if you found even more reasons to love Jetstream!

Key Features:

  • Interesting contemporary topics to get students talking
  • Balanced syllabus to provide confidence and set realistic expectations
  • Language in Action pages highlighting visual literacy
  • Extra online content for individual or classroom use
  • Workbook with review and practice, progress checks, and writing skills development.
  • Upper-intermediate and Advanced have writing skills development in the Student’s Book.
  • Comprehensive and extensive support for both newly-qualified and experienced teachers – in print and online