AGO Card Game


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AGO cards mix exciting gameplay and highly educational content to make learning English fun!

AGO cards are versatile and adaptable. Like a regular playing card deck, there are almost unlimited gameplay possibilities! Many are listed below, so please check it out!

The goal, of course is to maximize both educational value and fun and there is an art to doing that, no matter what AGO games you play!

AGO Phonics is designed for younger students learning to read. It can be played at home (with parents, or set as homework), or in English classes.

Typically, players quickly learn to recognize all of the target vocabulary on the cards very quickly, and through the clear presentation of the target phonemes on each card, students effortlessly learn how these function.

AGO phonics works best when used alongside a phonics coursebook. When used effectively, capable students can work through all three decks within a year.

The playing deck is optimized for “Last Card” – which is a Crazy 8’s game somewhat similar to UNO(tm). However, just like a regular deck of playing cards, AGO cards are versatile and many different games can be played.