A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers


Author: Tony Penston
Publisher: TP Publications

A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers excels at making grammar easy to understand, easy to master, and easy to apply in the classroom. Its underlying aim is to help teachers become familiar with the terminology used in modern English language teaching course books and to build confidence in the ability to explain grammar rules, both structural and functional.

Key Features: 

  • Deals clearly and concisely with problem areas commonly encountered by teachers of English, e.g. tense recognition and usage, conditionals, auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, etc.
  • Includes many Teaching Notes with practical suggestions, plus a section on error analysis and correction, demonstrating board use and pair-work.
  • Many novel features such as uncompromisingly clear layout, sentence branching, diagrams and comprehensive tables.
  • Contains over 30 extracts from coursebooks and resource books to illustrate how grammar is taught communicatively and to aid in materials familiarisation.
  • Helpful for trainees, the teacher trainer and the practising teacher.
  • Includes inductive tasks, answer key and user-friendly index.