4500 Key English Words


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Publisher: Seed Learning
Author: Paul Nation
Level: CEFR B1-B2 High

4500 Key English Words is a four-book series for intermediate students, designed to reinforce and expand their foundation of vocabulary. The words chosen for the series come from an analysis of the most commonly found words in textbooks and materials for English language learners. The words presented in each level of 4500 Key English Words, when combined with the vocabulary words covered in its partner series, 1200 Key English Words, provide students with a working vocabulary of 4,500 practical, high-frequency English words. This invaluable classroom resource for balanced literacy boosts reading, writing, and spelling skills and prepares students for academic success.


  • Useful photographs that illustrate each target word
  • Clear, easy to understand definitions and examples
  • A wide variety of exercises to reinforce target vocabulary
  • Correct pronunciation of target words indicated with phonetic symbols
  • Common collocations and sentence patterns
  • Reviews after presentation of 100 new words to consolidate learning
  • Original texts which utilize target words presented at the end of each Review
  • Appendix of prefixes and suffixes

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