Office Soft Skills

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Author: Joan Bartel

Publisher: Joan Bartel

What is good business etiquette?

For example, how do you make an introduction correctly: Who starts? What do you say? And what does your handshake reveal about you? These and other questions are answered in Chapter 1.

And get tips on:

  • Business dress and punctuality for every occasion
  • Phone etiquette, voicemail greetings, customer service
  • Email writing that makes a good impression

Office Soft Skills shows you unwritten rules of the Canadian work place and helps you to make a good first, and last, impression.

The material is presented in a quiz format.

You can show what you know, or find out what business customs you don’t know. See your score to understand your strengths and gaps. Those gaps can prevent you from success at work.

By the end of the book, you will look and feel more comfortable and self-confident in introductory business situations. You will know how to express yourself well and make a good impression at work–in person, in writing and on the phone.

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