15th anniversary love note

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year and we asked for love notes from you to celebrate (and make us feel loved). The prize goes to Darryl Press, a Toronto-area teacher and long time customer, who wrote us a poem! Darryl experience of us is definitely more on a personal and retail level rather than through our North American distribution work, but the sentiment is lovely and heartwarming. Thanks, Darryl!


Too verbose ,that would be wrong.

I remember a smallish shop-

At the back,a couch,a chaise longue?

Nicole presiding,friendly,informative,to the point,

Crikey,she has everything down pat in this joint.

Fast forward,where?

To a great new shop,on St. Clair.

A Pharos to teacher and student alike,

Visiting it is worth the hike.

So,Nicole,truth to tell,

You (et al) have done incredibly well.